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Lauren can't keep Will a secret forever.

Moving to a new city and a new school is never easy. So Lauren is relieved when Callie, Treena and Maddy welcome her into their group. But then Lauren is horrified when she sees them making fun of a first grader in a wheelchair. It's her brother, Will. Except Lauren worries that if she tells them, they may not want to be friends with her.

Soon Lauren is living a double life as she struggles with the challenges of building new friendships and trying to make it up to Will for ignoring him at school. At some point Lauren will have to make a decision. What's more important? Friends or family?

'Bates, in this novel, raises a number of issues...Readers are witness to what constitutes true friendship. Readers also see how hard it is to navigate middle school. A must read.'

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

'Fast-moving plot, easy to read style and multiple conflicts combine to make this a perfect choice for a reading class discussion on inclusion.'

Must Read Lit: K thru YA

Shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award 2020

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