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Leon's future is no longer certain.

After a freak accident on the track, everything changes for Leon Kline, anchor of Gilburn High's 4x100 sprint relay team. Suddenly his future is gone. No scholarship, no college. When he meets sassy and straight-talking Casey De Vries, life doesn't look so bleak. She even gets him running again. But as he gets to know Casey better, he realizes something is not quite right. How can he help her if she won't tell him what's going on?

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'Spreen Bates deftly takes the reader through the ups and downs of growing up. She expertly portrays real life struggles without making them too cliche.'

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

'This is a solid book with contemporary themes and it works well. Leon is well fleshed out as a character.'

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CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens 2018 - commended

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