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Things are spinning out of control.

Kat is thrilled to be competing in her first junior tennis championship at Melbourne Park. But things are off to a horrible start. Her doubles partner, Miri, is sneaking around at night, showing up late to practice and jeopardizing their matches. Miri's boyfriend, Hamish, is too focused on his own game to notice. Then strange things begin interfering with Hamish's performance, and Kat suspects Miri may be involved. Who is trying to sabotage Hamish? And can Kat put a stop to the plot before it's too late?

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'Interspersed with this fun, fast paced mystery, Topspin also treats readers to exhilarating tennis sequences...Kat is an intelligent and likeable character whose commitment to her chosen sport is very appealing. Her sleuthing while off the court is as enjoyable and suspense-filled as the best literary female detectives. Action abounds both on and off the courts, speeding the reader along to a satisfying conclusion ... Highly recommended.

CM Magazine

'This fast-paced read will surely appeal to reluctant teen [readers] that enjoy a combination of sports and mystery. An easy pick for upper middle school and high school readers.'

Lower Columbia Review Group WLMA

Junior Library Guild Selection 2013 


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